Student Helpdesk

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For primary support please call the Technology Department Help Line at 601-643-8685. If prompted to leave a message, please leave your StudentID, Name, and preferably your mobile number on file as the point of contact.

The main technology offices are located on the Wesson Campus in the Sandifer Building. The Natchez Campus office is located in Room 212. Simpson County Center should contact Missy Orders to coordinate with the Technology Department on the main campus.

Name Phone Title
JP McInnis 601.643.8488 Director of Technology
Jason Dry 601.643.8460 Technology Specialist
Briley Smith 601.643.8241 Network Support Specialist
Jenna Selman 601.643.8486 Hardware Support Specialist
Ashton Letchworth 601.643.8425 Hardware and Security
Deemie Letchworth 601.643.8403 Alliant ERP, iSeries
Sheryl Montgomery 601.643.8403 Alliant ERP, iSeries
Bobby Kerrigan 601.446.1164 Technology Specialist, Natchez Campus

Student Guide to Information Technology Resources

Overview of Services offered:

All students at Co-Lin are charged a technology fee as part of the registration process. This fee is $10 per semester hour and not to exceed $100 per semester. The revenue generated via this fee has allowed the college to continue to upgrade technology and to expand the services offered to students. Did you know that as a Co-Lin student you have access to the following?

  1. Broadband Access for DORM STUDENTS. All dorm rooms have access to WiFi. Ethernet ports are no longer active within the dorm rooms. Make sure your computer has antivirus and updated service packs. The WiFi network is WolfDenWifi and the current password for dorm students is wolfdenwifi2022. Use this network to connect all of your devices – Phones, Laptops, SmartTVs, gaming consoles, etc. 
  2. MyPack Account. Your MyPack account or “StudentID” will be used to access the MyPack Student portal located here. The initial password may be your 6-digit date of birth (MMDDYY) and you will be required to change your password (click here for a guide with directions) the first time you access the portal. It is important to protect your MyPack account access as it contains your personal information related to your school account. MyPack is used to register for classes, check grades or make secure payments on outstanding balances. Beginning April 24, 2023, PIN changes in MyPack will no longer synchronize with Microsoft 365. It is possible (and recommended) to have a different PIN for your MyPack and Microsoft 365 accounts.
  3. Email Account (Microsoft 365). While you are a student at Co-Lin you will have an email account created in the Microsoft 365 platform. A typical student email address may look as follows: We use FirstInitial,Lastname, and last 4 digits of the StudentID. Once you leave Co-Lin, your email account will be terminated within 1 semester of your departure. We advise against using your Co-Lin email address as a link to your social media accounts or online banking or other merchant services. The initial password for your account will be a random value. You will need to choose the 'Forgot My Password' option and follow the directions here to setup a secure password for your Microsoft 365 account using the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool provided by Microsoft. Beginning on December 8, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. multi-factor authentication (MFA) will be required on all Microsoft accounts. Please make sure you have accurate information on file in your MyPack account for cell phone number and an alternate email address as one of these will be required to receive a code for logon. Consult this guide if you have questions about MFA. VERY IMPORTANT:  This account and password will control access to Canvas, FAFSA onboarding, WolfAlert, and other services. It is vital that you make sure you have a current mobile number and alternate email (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc) address on file with Enrollment Services. If you have changed your information since your initial registration, please contact Enrollment Services to have the information updated. 
  4. Canvas. Beginning May 15, 2023, Canvas will require the format to log on, and the password will be the password that you setup or changed for your Microsoft 365 account using the SSPR tool. You will not be able to update your password without a valid mobile or alternate email address on file.
  5. OneDrive. OneDrive is a part of the Microsoft 365 suite. As a student, you have access to 25 GB of cloud storage for files. The college no longer offers local storage or a “home directory,” so use One Drive as your storage for all class-related projects. Just a reminder that if you store personal files in this OneDrive you will eventually lose access to them once your account is terminated after you are no longer an actively enrolled student so please be sure to backup any files you may need in the future.
  6. No computer? No problem. Each Library is open with access to current systems. You may logon to any lab/library pc using your email address as the username. All systems are furnished with front USB ports for easy usage with USB drives. You may purchase USB storage media at the Campus Bookstore. Labs and complete wireless access are also available on the Natchez Campus and at the Simpson County Center for student usage. You may want to check with your instructors on guidance to the usage of other labs. Co-Lin also supports students with the Laptop Loan Program.
  7. WiFi is available in every building, classroom, and dorm. The main network that all faculty/staff should use is Co-Lin Employee. You must have a valid username and password to use this network. In all non-dorm locations, guests and students should connect to Co-Lin Public. The current password for Co-Lin Public is “backthepack”.