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For rapid support please visit the helpdesk website at to enter a trouble ticket.

The following members of the Technology Department are available for your assistance:

Technology offices for the Wesson Campus are located First Floor Fortenberry Building. The Natchez Campus office is located in Room 212.

Simpson County Center should contact Jason Cooley ( or you may contact J.P. McInnis.

Dorm Students should be aware that network resources are monitored. Excessive utilization especially in terms of outbound traffic generated will generate questions. Peer 2 Peer applications will be monitored and abuse WILL RESULT in room disconnection from the network. IT IS ILLEGAL to share copyrighted materials. We will take all necessary actions to protect our network resources.

Wired network connections are no longer active in the the dorm rooms. We encourage each student to use the WiFi network which has been expanded to every dorm. Each room should now have adequate coverage and we are adding even more radios in FY2015-16. COLIN-SECURE is for computers, tablets, and smartphones. COLIN-PSK is for any non-computing devices like game consoles, smart TVs, Apple TVs, Roku, wireless printer, etc. You must register your network devices before they can be connected to the COLIN-PSK wifi.

Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to

Student Guide to Information Technology Resources

Overview of Services offered:

All students at Co-Lin are charged a technology fee as part of the registration process. This fee is $7.50 per semester hour and not to exceed $75 per semester. The revenue generated via this fee has allowed the college to continue to upgrade technology and to expand the services offered to students. Did you know that as a Co-Lin student you have access to the following?

  1. Broadband Access for DORM STUDENTS. All dorm rooms have access to WiFi. Ethernet ports are no longer available within the dorm rooms. Make sure you computer has antivirus and updated service packs. Unprotected systems can be used to conduct zombie attacks against our network. These machines are disconnected from the network. Once a machine is disconnected you must submit proof that you have taken steps to have your machine updated and viruses removed. Service is up by default. All devices including laptops, desktops, and smartphones must be "on-boarded" onto the COLIN-SECURE network. Devices such as gaming consoles must be registered on the COLIN-PSK network.
  2. Network Account. Your network account will be required whenever you access a lab computer, webmail, web services, and your personal storage area (home directory). This is one account with one password. It will be vitally important that you do not share you account information. This account is the same as your ALLIANT account and is the StudentID number. For instance, given 000014354 as a student id, you would use the 14354 part to logon to lab computers. Your initial password would be the 6 digit date of birth in the format MMDDYY. We encourage you to change your password on the Alliant system. This password change will be synchronized with all other accounts.
  3. Email Account. While you are a student at Co-Lin you will have an email account. A typical student email address may look as follows: We use FirstInitial,Lastname, and last 4 digits of the StudentID. Once you leave Co-Lin, your email account will be terminated within 1 semester of your departure. We advise against using your Co-Lin email address as a link to your social media accounts or online banking or other merchant services.
  4. Home Directory. As you take classes, you will want to save documents. From on campus computers you will have access to a home directory. On the Wesson Campus, this will show up as your w: drive on the Natchez campus, the home directory is the h: drive. Storage may be monitored and quotas set for all students.
  5. OneDrive. OneDrive is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. As a student you have access to 25Gb of cloud storage for files.
  6. No computer? No problem. Each Library is open with access to current systems. All systems are furnished with CD/DVD burners and front USB ports for easy usage with USB drives. You may purchase blank CDs and USB storage media at the Campus Bookstore. Labs and complete wireless access are also available on the Natchez campus and at the Simpson County Center for student usage. You may want to check with your instructors on guidance to usage of other labs.
  7. WiFi. Is available in every building, classroom, and dorm and managed with Aruba ClearPass. The main network that all faculty/staff and students should use is COLIN-SECURE. You must have a valid username and password to use this network. Devices like Apple TVs, Smart TV, game console, etc should connect to COLIN-PSK after they have been FIRST registered. COLIN-GUEST is reserved for non affiliated users who need temporary access to the network. If you try to register a laptop, desktop or smartphone to the COLIN-PSK network your device will be blacklisted and network access will bet cut off.