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Residence Hall Information (Wesson Campus)

ATTENTION: All residence halls are FULL for the Fall 2024 semester. Due to the extensive waiting list, we are unable to accept housing applications at this time. Please continue to check back for updates.

To reserve a room, you must first have completed the college application and received your Co-Lin student ID number. Then log in to your MyPack account here and complete the housing application and pay the $75.00 reservation fee.

  • There are 593 beds on campus in nine residence halls.
  • All rooms have free cable TV.
  • High-speed internet access is available in each room. Students will need to furnish their own computer and/or device.
  • Returning students are given first priority with room reservations until March 30.
  • Freshmen are assigned rooms according to the date a room deposit was paid.
  • Each residence hall has a residence hall host/hostess living in or adjacent to the hall to assist and supervise our students.
  • The rooms are furnished with single-width beds and mattresses, dressers, desks, and chairs.

Each student is required to pay a $75 non-refundable reservation fee before moving into the residence hall. Room preference is determined by classification and date of paid room deposit. Students who lose a residence hall key will be assessed a fee of $100 to have the key replaced and the lock repinned. All residence halls are non-smoking.

Click here for a list of what to bring

Price of Residence Halls

All residence halls are $1,050 per semester, with the exception of Bates Hall & Nettles Hall, which are $1,150 per semester. 

Residence Hall Students Academic Guidelines

Students living in the residence halls at Copiah-Lincoln Community College must maintain a minimum of 12 hours (including at least six on-ground hours) concurrent to remain eligible to live in the residence hall. Any student who is enrolled at Copiah-Lincoln must maintain a 2.00 GPA or better to be eligible for campus housing. All residence hall students who are in non-compliance with these GPA standards at mid-term will be sent a written warning of their residence hall status. Notification of non-compliance with these regulations will be made by the Director of Housing or Student Life Coordinator.

If students at the end of the semester are in non-compliance, they will lose campus housing privileges. Any person may appeal dismissal from campus housing by doing so in writing to the Director of Housing or Student Life Coordinator. Any appeal by students not meeting these requirements will be directed to the residence hall appeal committee which consists of the Director of Housing or Student Life Coordinator, the student’s residence hall host or hostess, and the Dean of Student Services. This policy is endorsed by the Student Government Association.