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To make an online contribution to the Co-Lin Foundation use the button below:

Donors can choose the most advantageous option from a variety of giving methods.

A. Gifts of Cash or Securities

The College welcomes gifts in the form of cash (checks) or marketable securities. Checks should be made payable to the Copiah- Lincoln Community College Foundation. Credit cards may also be used in making contributions. Gifts of securities may be made by contacting the Foundation Office at the College.

B. Planned Giving

Planned giving allows a donor to make a gift commitment but delay delivery of the final benefit of the gift until a later time. Donors who make planned gifts to the College may receive tax and/or income benefits. Some types of planned gifts result in lifetime income for the donor and/or beneficiaries. Some may entail reduction of income taxes, capital gains taxes, and estate taxes.

Donors may make planned gifts to the College through a variety of methods such as a bequest; through charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, and deferred payment gift annuities; by making the College the beneficiary and owner of an insurance policy; and through charitable income trusts.

Wills, bequests, or estate plan documents that provide funds or other assets for use of the College should be made payable or transferable to "Copiah-Lincoln Community College Foundation, Inc.," the approved corporate body to receive, manage, and disburse such assets.

It should be noted that laws governing such gifts are subject to revision, and it is therefore extremely important to have up-to-date information on the tax consequences of these types of gifts.

C. Gifts of Real Estate

The College welcomes opportunities to explore with donors gifts of real estate. In this highly specialized field, all potential gifts of real estate will be reviewed in accordance with the policies established by the Board of Trustees for Copiah-Lincoln Community College.