Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Picture


  • Steven Ammann, Simpson County
  • Steve Amos, Copiah County
  • Chris Barrentine, Copiah County
  • Ray Brown Jr., Copiah County
  • Fred Butcher, Adams County
  • Jack Case, Lincoln County
  • Mary Cleveland, Copiah County
  • Rickey Clopton, Copiah County
  • Dr. Tracy Cook, Jefferson County
  • John Daley, Lawrence County
  • Chris Dunn, Simpson County
  • Lynwood Easterling, Adams County
  • Chuck Gilbert, Adams County
  • Dr. Adrian Hammitte, Jefferson County
  • Dr. Janee Harrison, Lincoln County
  • Dr. Toranio Holloway, Simpson County
  • Tommy Jolly, Lawrence County
  • Chris Kent, Franklin County
  • Melton King, Adams County, Chairman
  • Randall Lofton, Lincoln County
  • Jason Lynch, Adams County
  • Roland Ross, Lincoln County
  • Tommy Sasser, Lincoln County
  • John Shows, Lincoln County
  • Dr. Troy Stewart Sr., Copiah County,  Vice Chairman
  • Barry Tyson, Franklin County, Secretary
  • Dante Weir, Adams County