Commercial Truck Driving (W)

Commercial Truck Driving (W) Picture

General Information

The Commercial Truck Driving program is designed to prepare participants for employment in the field of transportation. The participant will learn Department of Transportation rules and regulations, Mississippi requirements for obtaining a commercial driver's license, and the operations of a semi tractor-trailer. Courses include both classroom and hands-on equipment training. Employability/work maturity and basic educational skills will be taught. The program will operate six (6) hours per day, five (5) days per week for a maximum of 8 weeks.  A counselor will be available for participant needs.

Special Admission Requirements

  1. At least 21 years of age upon completion of the program
  2. Pass a Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) physical for commercial Truck Drivers and have the physical capability of reaching clutch and brake pedals while in driver's position
  3. Receive a negative test result on the D.O.T. drug test by a certified laboratory and have the results submitted directly to the college
  4. Official copy of driving record on file
  5. Have a current valid driver's license
  6. If accepted, all applicants must participate in a criminal background check