Cybersecurity & Networking Technology (W)

Cybersecurity & Networking Technology (W) Picture

General Information

The increasing dependence on technology ensures a growing demand for qualified Information Technology graduates. The Cybersecurity & Networking Technology program on the Wesson Campus is a two-year program which will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain employment as a network administrator, computer support specialist, or computer technician. The program provides training in the design, creation, and maintenance of a local area network.

Network administrators typically perform tasks such as adding and deleting network users, backing up the network server, loading software applications, providing printing services, maintaining network security, and general network troubleshooting. An Associate in Applied Science degree is earned upon successful completion of the Computer Networking Technology curriculum.

Special Admission Requirements

  1. Must have a minimum ACT composite score of 16; however, a minimum ACT composite score of 18 is recommended