Emergency Medical Technology (W)

Emergency Medical Technology (W) Picture

The Emergency Medical Technology program at Co-Lin prepares students for careers in the fast-paced and challenging field of emergency medicine. The college offers two levels of training:  Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedic. EMTs and Paramedics provide immediate, life-saving care to the sick and injured.

EMTs are trained to provide basic emergency medical care. In many settings they are the first responder to arrive in an emergency. Although the ambulance is the primary setting where you will find EMTs, many firefighters, police officers, and industry safety professionals have this level of training. Graduates of the one-semester EMT course earn a certificate of completion and can test for the designation of Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician. 

Paramedics have more advanced training and assessment skills than EMTs. They manage many emergencies including cardiac, respiratory, and trauma events. Paramedics are licensed to administer medication, perform and interpret electrocardiograms (EKGs), perform endotracheal intubations, and use other complex biomedical equipment. Like EMTs, most paramedics work on ambulances, however the opportunities for paramedics are growing to include off-shore paramedic, combat or swat medic, safety officer, and flight paramedic. Successful completion of the paramedic program leads to a certificate or an AAS degree.