Welding (W, N, S)

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General Information

The Welding program is offered on the Wesson Campus, Natchez Campus, and at the Simpson County Center. The program is designed to prepare the student for employment and advancement in an occupation that requires knowledge and skills of welding. The student receives instruction in construction type welding, x-ray welding for shipbuilding, construction, maintenance and custom shop welding. Instruction will include a study of welding equipment and safety practices. The student is taught welding using various electrodes: Shielded Metal Arc welding, Gas Metal Arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, Gas Tungsten Arc welding, Flux Core Arc welding, pipe welding, and Plasma Arc Cutting.

The Welding Program offers two levels of completion: 

  1. Certificate Level I: Students must complete all first semester courses
  2. Certificate Level II: Students must complete the first and second semester courses

Occupational Information

This program prepares students for the following occupations. The links provide information on each occupation including but not limited to job tasks, skills, job zone, and education. This information is provided by the O*NET program which is the nation's primary source of occupational information. 

Median loan debt incurred by graduates: $2,430