Electronics Engineering Technology (W)

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General Information

Electronics Engineering Technology on the Wesson Campus is a multifaceted program that provides exposure to electronics and electrical disciplines, communications systems, micro-controllers, and programmable controllers. It is the largest branch of engineering technology.  EET is a challenging two-year technical program offering a combination of theory in the classroom and hands-on applications in the laboratory. 

Students learn to analyze and diagnose electronic/electrical circuits and systems with multi-function meters (multimeters), oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and many other industry standard devices. Soldering techniques including surface-mount and hot-air are covered and students prototype modern printed circuit boards on a CNC milling machine.  The program also utilizes the latest engineering software including National Instruments MultiSim, Ultiboard, LabVIEW, and ETCAI virtual troubleshooting.   

Graduates of the EET program receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree and are qualified for high-paying entry-level employment in a wide range of fields: electronics, biomedical, communications, robotics, electrical, manufacturing, maintenance, offshore, instrumentation and control, computers, audio/video entertainment, aerospace and more. Students may also continue their education in EET at a university.

Special Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum ACT composite of 14
  2. Meet requirements for Intermediate Algebra

If you would like to visit the campus, tour our facilities, or talk with the instructors, please contact us:

Carey Williamson, Program Coordinator and Instructor / carey.williamson@colin.edu / 601.643.8350

Brian Turnage, Instructor / brian.turnage@colin.edu / 601.643.8430