Student E-Mail

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Your email address is in the format of, which is generated using your first initial, entire lastname, and last four digits of your student ID number. Email is hosted in the cloud via Microsoft 365. All students have an official email account that is created.

Click here for email:

Please consult the helpdesk section for more information regarding email password and the Self Service Password Reset Tool.  MyPack and Microsoft 365 passwords are no longer synchronized. You must maintain the passwords for each of those systems separately.

Mobile devices and email: If you use a Windows mobile device, we generally can assist you with connecting that device to Microsoft 365. In general, we are carrier agnostic. This method varies from iPhones to Androids, but the common parts are:

  • Choose Microsoft Exchange as the server type.
  • Mail server:
  • Domain:
  • Username: use your email address
  • Use SSL must be checked.
  • You may also want to consider sync of contacts and calendars.