Microsoft Software

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Purchase or Download Microsoft Products

Faculty, staff, and students can use the link below to purchase licensed software at discounted pricing. You can purchase Office products as well as operating systems and even Parallels if you want to run Windows on a Mac.

You will need a credit card and will need to use your Co-Lin provided email address to make the purchase. This license is valid as long as you own your device.

Download for free via Office 365 Webmail

While you are logged into your Office 365 Webmail you may go to options (gear icon upper right corner) and choose Office 365 Settings. Then choose Software on the left side. You can download Office 365 to your devices for free and use while you have your Co-Lin account. This version of Microsoft Office products is licensed while you have an active Co-Lin account. Students remember: After you graduate or leave Co-Lin your email account will be terminated normally by the start of the next semester or a couple weeks after.

If you use your Co-Lin account as a registration email address for other services, be sure to move those to a different account after you leave.