Reverse Transfer Policy

Reverse Transfer Policy Picture

It shall be the policy of Copiah-Lincoln Community College to accept credits transferred from another accredited community college or university that will allow students to obtain an Associate in Arts. If a student has at least 25 percent of required coursework with Co-Lin, they will qualify for reverse transfer credits to be applied toward their degree. Co-Lin can only accept credits for classes that are taught at Co-Lin. Not all earned credits can be accepted as transfer credits.

For Students To apply:

  1. Complete and submit a Reverse Transfer Application.
  2. Have official transcripts sent from all colleges attended.

Procedures for College Personnel

  1. Reverse transfer is initiated by the college receiving a student request (application for reverse transfer) or an official transcript from an MS IHL per the Mississippi Reverse Transfer Agreement.
  2. Appropriate college personnel will evaluate the student transcripts to determine if graduation requirements have been met. Then the student and the IHL will be notified by mail of the result. The student will receive a diploma, and the IHL will receive a spread sheet of results.

Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (MATT)Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (known as MATT) was created to be a one-stop shop for transfer students, administrators, advisors, and faculty.

MATT is designed to facilitate student transitions between and among Mississippi's institutions of higher learning and community and junior college systems. MATT displays detailed and up-to-date information on degree pathways and provides students with a streamlined way to access transfer agreements developed between public institutions in a searchable database. MATT enables students to compare current courses against equivalent courses at another institution and learn how those courses meet degree requirements for a specific major.

To get started, please click the link: