Financial Aid Forms

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The Co-Lin Financial Aid Office is using CampusLogic to complete all Financial Aid tasks online. CampusLogic provides cloud-based software that improves the financial aid process for students, parents, and financial aid staff. Mobile FinAid makes the process easier by:

  1. Completing FAFSA verification directly from your phone, tablet, or computer
  2. Securely uploading documents from any device
  3. E-signing documents (both students and parents)
  4. Students receiving automated reminders about outstanding tasks via email and text (if you opt in)
  5. Online award letters will be available

Financial Aid Documents

Appeals and Reevaluations:

Professional Judgement (PJ) or Dependency Override Appeals:
Students who seek an appeal for their dependency status or a change to their estimated family contribution (EFC) must first contact the Financial Aid Office for advising and to request the appeal. Then they can submit the supporting documentation for the appeal via the FAFSA Verification Student Account.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals:
If a student is placed on Financial Aid Suspension, they can request a SAP appeal from a Financial Aid Administrator. The SAP appeal is completed through the FAFSA Verification Student Account after a FA Administrator opens the SAP task for the student to complete. The student must complete the online SAP Appeal form and upload any third party documentation to support their appeal.