Adult Education/MIBEST

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What is Adult Education?

Formerly known as Adult Basic Education, Adult Education programs are designed to provide opportunities to adults who have not completed high school and who desire to increase their educational attainment for entry or advancement in the workforce or for additional educational opportunities. Often referred to as GED prep classes, education and employment skills are presented in a way that helps students successfully complete their high school equivalency test.

When can I enroll?

Enroll for Adult Education/GED prep classes during the registration process on each campus, held each quarter before classes start. Registration dates for the 2018–2019 program year are as follows:

First Spring Session

  • Simpson Center
    January 7, 2019, Multi-Purpose room
  • Wesson Campus
    January 8, 2019, Dow/Young
  • Natchez Campus
    January 8, 2019, Multi-Purpose room

Second Spring Session

  • Simpson Center
    March 18, 2019, Multi-Purpose room
  • Wesson Campus
    March 19, 2019, Dow/Young
  • Natchez Campus
    March 19, 2019, Multi-Purpose room

Registration is required; classes are provided at no cost. Students who are at least 18 years of age may be enrolled with a current state-issued photo ID and their social security number. Please check with the campus of your choice to obtain the most current information.

High School Equivalency Tests

In 2014, the GED test was revised to a computer-based format, and two alternative high school equivalency tests were introduced: the HiSET and the TASC. All three tests have equal status in the state of Mississippi and provide a high school equivalency diploma and transcript upon successful completion.

Co-Lin offers testing in all three HSE options. Candidates who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to test with no restrictions. Information about each test can be found at the following links:


Official transcripts required for employment or educational opportunities must be requested through Under "Students & Test Takers" there is the option to access your transcript by creating an account or ordering by phone. An electronic form of payment may be necessary to complete the transaction.

  • Wesson Campus: 601.643.8655
  • Natchez Campus: 601.446.1151
  • Simpson Center: 601.849.0155 (leave a message)

Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (MI-BEST)

MIBEST @ Co-lin logoCombine your basic education with skills training to get further faster. Highly motivated students who will attend classes on the Wesson campus should contact 601.643.8260 for additional information. Click here for more information about MI-BEST or visit

Employment Skills- Smart Start

The Smart Start credential will allow you to explore occupations based on your interests and talents while you develop the foundational skills needed for a career. Practice good work habits and effective communication necessary for successful employment. This program is available to adults 18 years of age or older and there is no cost to participate. Enroll on the Wesson Campus in the Sandifer Building on the second floor on Mondays at 1:30 p.m. Call 601.643.8655 for more information.