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Welcome to the Institutional Planning and Research Unit at Copiah-Lincoln Community College.  We serve as the central coordinating unit for activities relating to institutional effectiveness including institutional planning and evaluation, institutional research, capital projects coordination, and compliance for regional accreditation. 

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Capital Improvement Project Planning
Our office coordinates the activities associated with capital improvement projects for all three campuses including new construction, renovation projects, and other infrastructure improvements by serving as the campus contact with the Mississippi Bureau of Buildings, Grounds, and Real Property and other agencies such as the Mississippi Department of Transportation, Mississippi Department of Archives and History and other agencies.   Our office coordinates with architects, engineers, physical plant, purchasing, business office, president's office, bureau contacts, administrative staff, and other building occupants to promote a successful project from  design to occupancy.  Below is a list of current projects underway:
Instructional Building for Childcare Technology Program, Wesson Campus
Pedestrian Corridor, Wesson Campus
Roof/HVAC Replacement Program, Natchez Campus
Ellzey Hall Renovation Phase I,  Wesson Campus
Female Dormitory Planning, Wesson Campus
 Career Technical Building, Simpson County Center
Diesel Equipment Technology Renovation,  Natchez Campus
Nature Trail Resurfacing Project Planning, Wesson Campus
Henley Student Union Restroom Renovation, Wesson Campus
Important Resources for CLCC Staff:     (Wolf Tracker Accreditation Site) ( Course Evaluations for Staff)
 Fact Sheet (2012-13)
Fact Sheet (2013-14)
Grant Seeker Information (Contact Dr. Posey for Forms)
Unit Contact Information:
Dr. Jeff Posey, Director of Institutional Planning and Research
Mrs. Sandra Williams, Secretary, Institutional Planning and Research
Copiah-Lincoln Community College
P. O. Box 649
Wesson, MS 39191
Telephone 601-643-8411
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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