NISOD Workshop

NISOD Workshop Picture

NISOD will be hosting a Regional Workshop on Co-Lin's Wesson Campus on January 25, 2019. This workshop is open to the public, and all are invited to take part in this unique learning opportunity. 

Workshop topic: Teaching With Your Mouth Shut: Keeping Students Active, Attentive, and Engaged!

Based on the popular book, Teaching With Your Mouth Shut (2000) by Donald Finkel, this workshop explores various active-learning strategies and activities that allow faculty to engage students without being limited to only lectures. The workshop incorporates the theory of multiple intelligences—interpersonal, linguistic, and kinesthetic intelligences—while demonstrating and sharing active-learning techniques and strategies. Participants receive lesson-planning ideas and learn how to incorporate music into the classroom. Participants also consider several classroom assessment techniques and explore at least three instructional technologies.


To register or learn more about this event, click here to visit the NISOD website.