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Cable TV Services

Cable TV services at Copiah Lincoln Wesson Campus are provided by Cableone.

If you have a problem with the signal in your dorm room you may report the problem to student services or leave a message with Briley Smith at 643-8241.

The complete channel guide can be found on the Cableone website


Guide to using OneDrive and Office 365 Web Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

STEP 1.  Click the OneDrive link at the top right.  You will need to select OK and allow Office 365 to setup your OneDrive.

STEP 2:   WAIT.... it may take 3-5 minutes for your OneDrive to become active.


STEP 3:  If you select the SkyDrive option again at the top right you will see this page and you can begin creating documents.  Click +new document.


STEP 4:  Select the document type.  In this example a Word document is selected.


STEP 5:  Give the file a name.


STEP 6:  Begin editing your document.


STEP 7:  Investigate the menus.  You have the option to save the document into your SkyDrive account or you can even download to your local computer.  To really take advantage of the feature of SkyDrive we recommend you install the SkyDrive app on your mobile device and even install the SkyDrivePro application on your desktop device.  You can synchronize files from the cloud to your local device.   You can create Folder to organize your files by classes or other way as you need.


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