Topic Selection

Over a year ago, the QEP Leadership Committee began the process of soliciting ideas and input of a QEP topic from several venues including students, faculty, staff, and community members, with both online and hard copy submission opportunities.  This broad-based participation helped guide the Leadership Committee to a compiled list of ideas that was brought to Topic Recommendation Committee.

The QEP Topic Recommendation Committee when met on several occasions during the Fall 2012 term to review a wide range of topic suggestions as well as elated internal and external data pertaining to possible QEP topics.  After carefully narrowing the topic options, the QEP Topic Recommendation Committee recommended for consideration “Strengthening Writing Communication Skills” as the QEP topic for the 2015 reaffirmation.

Dr. Nettles approved and endorsed the project as one that is a strong topic and will benefit our students.  The topic was then referred to the QEP Development and Implementation Team to begin the process of visiting other institutions including but not limited to the University of Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss, Alcorn State, Mississippi State University, and Mississippi College.

The visits have created many opportunities for questions, insight, sharing, suggestions, and ideas so that we may begin to develop our own plan of action. 

Next Steps:

We must be sure to develop a plan which includes research, methodology identification, training, and implementation.  We feel there will be two areas of focus for the QEP on writing: 1) pedagogy (faculty-professional development) and 2) environmental (student).  Once our goals are established, we will determine any training needed, options of professional development, and decide on the implementation strategy.  We will pilot our QEP plan starting in the Fall of 2014 with an opportunity to receive feedback and approval from SACS prior to the official implementation in the Fall of 2015.

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