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MSVCC Spring 2016

Full Term Classes: January 19 - April 29

1st Short Term Classes: January 19 - March 11

2nd Short Term Classes: March 14 - May 6

February 4-Week Mini Term: February 15 - March 11

April 4-Week Mini Term: April 11 - May 6 

MSVCC Summer 2016

Full Term (JUN08): May 31 - July 22

July 4-Week Mini Term: June 27 - July 22

MSVCC Fall 2016

Full Term: August 22 - December 02

1st Short Term: August 22 - October 14

2nd Short Term: October 17 - December 09

September 4-Week Mini Term: September 09 - October 14

October 4-Week Mini Term: October 17 - November 11



Click MSVCC Registration Request link below

*Select the semester ( Summer 2016 or Fall 2016 )

*Enter 9 digit ID number (include leading zeros)

*Select Copiah-Lincoln Community College

*Select Campus (Natchez, Simpson County Center or Wesson)

Enter Name, Email address and Telephone number

Click Save Student

Select Courses 

Click Submit for Approval

You should receive an email from MSVCC regarding receipt of your schedule

Allow 3-5 business days to process


MSVCC Summer 2016 Registration

MSVCC Fall 2016 Registration


Click to see the complete list of statewide MSVCC offerings.
NOTE all courses may not be available to be taken through Co-Lin

Please see the eLearning Calendar for registration dates.

See Tuition and Fees for tuition and nonrefundable MSVCC fee.


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