Microcosm Winners 2011


Short stories/Creative Non-fiction
First Place: Courtney Carter "A Born Truth"
Second Place:  Jeani Davis "Time Travelers"
Third Place:  Glenda Dean Cavalier "Floating"


First Place:  Glenda Dean Cavalier "Wrinkles"
Second Place:  Jason Giangrosso "Torn"
Third Place:  Bryan Jones "As I Watch the Streams Flow"
Honorable Mention:  Tera Thornhill "Old Thunder"


Narration Essays
First Place:  Christopher Buie "Grab the Buck by the Horns"
Second Place:  Trina Sessums "The Power of Footprints"
Third Place:  Brianna Shaw "Journal Writing"
Honorable Mention: Laura Jackson "My Christmas Essay"


Illustration Essays
First Place:  Amanda Emfinger "Faith"
Second Place:  Kara Stafford "Priceless Gifts"
Third Place:  Chase Holmes "What Would We Do Without Sports"
Honorable Mention: Carrie Moak "Consequences in Three Seconds"


Compare/Contrast Essays
First Place:  Zach Fetcko "A Tale of Two Teachers"
Second Place:  Will Ashley "Movie Nights"
Third Place:  Erin Vanier "Opposites Really Do Attract...Me"
Honorable Mention: Lindi-Lane Smith "Before and After I Got Saved"


Cause/Effect Essays
First Place:  Brooke King "Going Against the Grain"
Second Place:  Allison Higbee "I Get it Honest"
Third Place:  Eddrika Lawrence "A Good Student"
Honorable Mention: Chase Holmes "Back to the Basics: Indentifying the Causes of Drug Influence"


Researched Argument Essays
First Place:  Tomeka Williams "Outsourcing Equals Reality"
Second Place:  Trevor Pinson "Media and the Government"
Third Place:  Lucas Thompson "Robotic Automation and the Future Economy"


We thank the following people for their contributions to the success of the 38th volume of Microcosm:


Deborah Bush
David Campbell
Amy Case
Edna Earle Crews
Mike Lofton
Pam Reid
Tom Ross
Lillie Shannon
Brett Shufelt
Keith Stovall
Celeste Williamson



The Microcosm Staff

The Sigma Kappa Delta English Honor Society Officers:  Whitney Clark, Glenda Cavalier, Brittany Clark, Brenda Temple, and Heather Davis


And all of our new Facebook Friends




Ashley Dugas
Glenda Silverii

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