for Prospective Students

Steps for eLearning Students

 1.  If you are not a current Co-Lin student, you will need to complete an Application for Admission to the college.  Please review the Admission Requirements. 

 2.  Make an appointment with your advisor to select your courses. (Please contact the Counseling Center if you do not know your advisor.)

 3.  If needed, complete your Financial Aid Application. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

 4.  After admissions requirements are met or admissions office clearance, go to the eLearning Webpage click Prospective eLearning Students Tab.

 5.  Click on the eLearning Class Offerings and Registration link; then click on MSVCC Registration Request link.

 6.  Enter your student information. You will be required to add leading zeros to make your ID# nine digits long. Example: ID# 12345 should be entered as 000012345. Please enter your Co-Lin or valid email address.  If there are conflicts with your registration request, you will be notified by the email address you provide.  Failure to follow these steps may result in your registration request not being processed.

 7.  Within three to five days, the Counselor checks and approves your registration request. If there are NO conflicts, courses are entered in Alliant.

8.  Please note that you may only register once. To request schedule changes to your registration request click on Request Schedule Changes under the Current eLearning Students Tab to complete the form out entirely.

9.  Order your textbooks at least two weeks before classes start. Some courses may require ebooks that will be automatically available the first day of class and billed to your account.  If you have questions about your textbook please contact your instructor one of the Co-Lin Bookstores. 

10. Make sure you access your courses the first day of class and check your Co-Lin email.  Your Co-Lin email is your primary email address for all correspondence.

11. See Tuition and Fees for tuition and nonrefundable MSVCC fee.


Register for Online/MSVCC classes

Students are required to add leading zeros to make their ID# nine digits long.  Example: ID# 12345 should be entered as 000012345.


Failure to follow this step will result in your registration request not being processed.


What is eLearning?

eLearning is the use of technology to learn anywhere and anytime.  It is instructional delivery that does not require the student to be physically present in the same location as the instructor. Historically, distance education meant correspondence. Today, audio, video and computer technology are more common delivery modes.

eLearning students should:

1. Have proficient computer skills, including the use of email and the Internet

2. Take initiative, be self-reliant and self-motivated

3. Have self-discipline and be able to follow written directions

4. Must actively participate and complete assignments and proctored exam before the due date

5. Make time to study

6. Address difficulties with instructor as soon as need arises


Click on Steps for eLearning Students to find out what is needed to take MSVCC online courses.

 **MSVCC students are required to own or have permanent access to a computer with an Internet connection. Students are welcome to use open computer labs throughout the Co-Lin district, but should not use this as their sole resource. Instructors will not accept excuses in regard to computers or Internet service. For this reason, you should complete assignments prior to the deadline and always have a backup computer plan.**

Tour of a Virtual Class

Tour a Blackboard Course


Becoming an Online Student

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