Library Policies

Eating / Use of Tobacco Products


Patrons are requested not to eat or drink in the library. In addition, the use of all tobacco products is prohibited in the library and other buildings on campus by the Board of Trustees of Copiah-Lincoln Community College.


Material Security


The Mississippi Library Security Act of 1978 makes it a crime to abuse library property. This includes removing library materials from the building without proper authorization (checking materials out), willfully damaging materials, including cutting articles out of books, magazines, and newspapers; and failing to abide by the general rules and regulations set forth by the department. (Mississippi Code Annotated, 1972 as updated in Section 39-3-301; Penalties are contained in Section 39-3-309)




The United States Copyright Act of 1976 makes it a crime to photoduplicate any and all copyrighted materials. Portions of copyrighted articles may be photocopies for study and other educational purposes. The law further prohibits making copies of audio-visual and computer programs which are copyrighted.


Excessive Noise


Students should remember that the library is a quiet place conducive to studying and not a place where students can be noisy and disturb others. Should a staff member ask an individual or a group of students to be quiet more than once, then they will be asked to leave the building. Constant disciplinary action against an individual or group of students will result in the situation being turned over to either the Executive Vice-President or Vice-President of Student Services.


Copiah-Lincoln Community College Student Handbook


Students should refer to the sections in the Student Handbook for further rules and regulations concerning conduct by students in the library.


Circulation of Materials



Students will be required to show ID cards when checking out materials from the library, using materials on reserve, taking make-up tests, or doing other assignments which are obtained from the Circulation Desk.

A student may not conduct any of the items listed in the above item by using another student’s ID card or by signing for another student. The person checking out the materials will be held responsible for those materials until they are returned to the library and properly checked in. Patrons should not loan books and materials to others. Materials with restricted circulation (Reference and Reserve materials, audio-visual software, etc.) must be used according to guidelines in the library.

Circulation books may be checked out from the library for two weeks and renewed for an additional two weeks during the regular academic sessions. ALL BOOKS are due in the library by 3 pm the day before exams. Movies for Psychology/Sociology classes may be checked out for three days. Grades and transcripts will be held if overdue materials and fines are not cleared by the end of the exam period each semester. The library reserves the right to restrict the circulation of all materials and the number of books on a specific topic when the materials are in great demand. The library also reserves the right and will restrict circulation of materials to patrons with overdue books or outstanding fines.

A fine of 25 cents per day per item will be charged. Fines are not calculated for weekends of days when the library is closed. When the materials are returned the fines stop. Overdue notices are sent to patrons at the end of each semester. If patrons believe the notices are in error they should contact the library and bring this to the attention of the library staff. Patrons will be charged for damages to books to cover the cost of rebinding a book. Also, patrons will be charged for damaging labels and barcodes on books.



The Administration of Copiah-Lincoln Community College has established a policy of loaning books to any resident of the Copiah-Lincoln Community College district. The rules which apply to the students also apply to the general public.

The exceptions are that public patrons may borrow only 4 books at one time, may not renew the books, The library is an academic library established to serve the needs of a two-year college. All topics of interest to the general public may not be found in the library.

Some materials found in the library may not be appropriate for all age public patrons. The Oswalt Library is not a public library. Failure to abide by the policies will result in the privileges of a public patron being suspended.




Employees have access to all materials owned by the library. Part-time employees must return all borrowed materials (printed and audio-visual) at the end of each semester. Full-time employees must return audio-visual materials at the end of each semester. Books are due each May before the beginning of the exam period.

Employees who are leaving the employment of the College must clear with the library before they will be allowed to receive their final salary.

All employees are responsible for materials they have checked out from the library.

The College ensures that all students and faculty member have access to materials needed to support the purpose and programs of the College. The College employs a competent staff available to assist patrons in the use of library resources. The library contains a collection of materials, housed in a well-organized manner that will meet the needs of a two-college curriculum. Materials are acquired and services are established to meet the needs of the students and faculty. The library is a member of the American Library Association and the Mississippi Library Association.

The library supports the Library Bill of Rights as adopted by the American Library Association. All patrons have the freedom to read from a wide spectrum of publications in achieving their educational goals so long as these materials are not offensive to generally accepted good taste. The library further holds that all sides of a controversial or partisan issue are represented as fairly as financial resources and college goals permit.

Patrons who have specific concerns about library policies, procedures, or materials found in the library should send a written letter to the library director. The letter should be specific in nature and be signed by the person filing the letter.

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