Veteran's Affairs

Veterans Affairs

Veterans are admitted on the same basis as other students.  Published calendars, policies and regulations apply to those students enrolled in non-accredited clock-hour courses in receipt of educational assistance from the Veterans Administration and to those students enrolled in academic programs unless otherwise specified.

 The school maintains a record of the previous education and training of veterans or eligible persons and clearly indicates that appropriate credit has been given with the training period shortened proportionally, when applicable, and the veteran or eligible person and the VA are also notified.

A veteran should contact the VA Representative on the campus to apply for benefits and advance pay. Provided he/she applies in time, a check will be waiting for him/her for payment of fees at the beginning of the school year.

School Standards of Progress as Required
by VA Regulation 14253(D)

All academic and attendance records pertaining to students who receive benefits from the Veterans Administration are kept in fire-proof files in the office of the Director of Admissions and Records. They are open for inspection by the Veterans Administration at all times.

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