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The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) at Copiah-Lincoln Community College is a member of the Elderhostel Institute Network, an internationally-known program that offers quality educational experiences for older adults. Institutes support the philosophy that older adults are eager, self-motivated learners who are capable of defining and directing their own education. Membership in the Institute for Learning in Retirement at Co-Lin is open to all adults who are ages 50 and older and retired or semi-retired. The organization is member-governed and members define and plan their own educational activities.

The Institute provides non-credit classes on various topics decided upon by ILR members. In addition, the Institute sponsors social events, membership meetings, luncheon lectures, seminars, and field trips. Membership fees are charged on a yearly basis for those who wish to participate in classes and related events of the Institute.

Contact Information:

Institute for Learning in Retirement
P.O. Box 649, Wesson, MS, 39191
Ph: 601.643.8705 FAX: 601.643.8277

Marilyn Brown, Program Coordinator
Tricia Russell, Event Coordinator
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