CLIC (Co-Lin Intensive Courses)

CLIC terms are designed for current and new students. Classes meet approximately half a semester (six weeks) at double the meetings of a regular semester. CLIC classes offer students more choices to help keep them on track for graduation and also assist new students who want to take courses on a part-time or full-time basis. 

CLIC B Term begins March 5 and end May 7, 2014. Listed below are CLIC B Classes offered by each campus. Registration deadline is Thursday, March 6. For more information on the CLIC term or to register, call the Co-Lin Counseling Center at (601) 643-8490.


Spring 2014 CLIC Term B - Wesson Campus 

ART 1113-80B Art Appreciation Bonilla, R T&TH 6-9:06 p.m. Smith 114
ART 1113-54B Art Appreciation     Bonilla, R     MWF, T&TH     12:12:52 p.m., 12:30-1:48 p.m. Smith 114
ENG 0123-51B Intermediate English Case, A MWF, T&TH 8-8:52 a.m., 8-9:18 a.m. Dowy 127
ENG 0123-60B Intermediate English     Case, A     MWF, T&TH     11-11:52 a.m., 11 a.m.-12:18 p.m. Dowy 125
ENG 1123-60B English Comp II      Furr, C      MWF, T&TH      8-8:52 a.m., 8-9:18 a.m.  Smith 211 
ENG 1123-80B English CompII Blakeney, J M&W 8-9:06 p.m. Smith 211
ENG 1123-58BH English Comp II      Dugas, A      MWF     9-9:52 a.m.  Smith 115 
ENG 1123-59BH  English Comp II      Dugas, A      T&TH      9:30-10:48 a.m.  Smith 115 
ENG 2433-50B  World Literature II      Dugas, A      MWF      10-11:44 a.m.  Smith 115 
ENG 2433-51B  Worlf Literature II      Dugas, A      T&TH      11 a.m.-1:36 p.m.  Smith 115 
GEO 1113-80B World Geography      Russell, K      T&Th      6-9:06 p.m.  Smith 204 
HPR1121-80B Pilates/Yoga II      Morse, T      TWTH      6-6:56 p.m.  Cadr/Hall 
LLS 1311-52BH  Orientation      Case, A      Monday      10-10:52 a.m.  Dowy 125 
MAT 1233-55B  Intermediate Algebra      Cupit, A      M&W, T&TH      1-2:18 p.m., 12:30-1:48 p.m. Dowy 123 
MAT 1313-51B  College Algebra      Ford, C      MWF, T&TH      9-9:52 a.m., 9:30-10:48 a.m.  Dowy 126 
MAT 1733-50B  Geometry Measurements & Prob      Hamilton, K      MWF, T&TH      9-9:52 a.m., 9:30-10:48 a.m.  Dowy 105 
REA 0123-51B  Intermediate Reading      Howell, A      MWF, T&TH      9-9:52 a.m., 9:30-10:48 a.m.  Dowy 127
SPT 1113-53B  Public Speaking I      Reid, P      MWF, T&TH      8-8:52 a.m, 8-9:18 a.m.  Smith 218 

Spring 2014 CLIC Term B - Natchez Campus

LLS 1311-02BH Orientation Brinegar, L T&TH 8-8:52 a.m. Acad 300
LLS 1423-01B College Study Skills Bradford, R MWF, T&TH 10-11:18 a.m., 11 a.m.-12:18 p.m. HGIC 420
READ 0123-01B Intermediate Reading Schwager, F M&W, T&TH 10-11:18 a.m., 9:30-10:48 a.m. HGIC 420

Spring 2014 CLIC Term B - Simpson County Center

ENG 0123-40B Intermediate English     Wilson, K     MTWTH     11a.m.-12:18 p.m.     Park 151
ENG 1113-40B English Comp I     Bradley, A     MTWTH     8-9:18 a.m.     Park 147
MAT 1233-40B    Intermediate Algebra         Stewart, C     MTWTH        9:30-10:48 a.m.       Park 105
MAT 1313-40B College Algebra       Bishop, A     MTWTH       9:30-10:48 a.m.     Park 152 



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