General Academic Calendar

Summer Term 2016
May 23- June 3       Maymester Term
May 16- July 22       Career Term
May 30       Memorial Day Holiday
May 27       Last Day to Register for Online Summer Term (Noon)
May 31- July 22       JUN08 MSVCC Full Term (July 8 at noon is last day to withdraw)
June 1       Orientation/Registration at 1:00pm (Natchez Campus)
June 6- July 28       Evening Term
June 6- June 30       First Day Term (June 29 is last day to withdraw with "W")
June 27-July 22       JUL04 MSVCC Four Week Term
June 10       Orientation/Registration at 8:30am in Dow/Young (Wesson Campus)
June 30       Orientation/Registration at 1:00pm (Natchez Campus)
July 1       Last Day to Register for Second Day Term
July 4       Holiday
July 5- July 28       Second Day Term (July 27 is last day to withdraw with "W")
July 15       Orientation/Registration (Wesson Campus and Simpson Campus)
August 11       Orientation/Registration (Wesson, Natchez, and Simpson)
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