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Vision Statement:

Copiah-Lincoln Community College’s vision is to become a leader in education, providing comprehensive, quality learning experiences in a nurturing environment.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Copiah-Lincoln Community College is to provide educational programs, economic development services, cultural and recreational opportunities through quality instruction and high expectations and service in a safe, student-centered environment.

 Strategic Initiatives:

Teaching and Learning—The foundation of Copiah-Lincoln Community College is its rich tradition of excellence in instruction.  The college will continue to build upon its stellar reputation of providing quality education in a supportive teaching/learning environment.

College Support Services—Copiah-Lincoln Community College will provide resources, activities, and guidance to all college constituents to help them achieve short term goals, as well as encouraging lifelong learning.  The college will also support and encourage student involvement and leadership in all aspects of the college experience.

Fiscal Management—Copiah-Lincoln Community College will maximize the use of revenue from all available sources to financially support the college programs and services.  Fiscal integrity will be maintained through effective management of resources, utilization of a sound budget process, and the use of generally accepted accounting principles.  The college will provide opportunities for broad-based participation in setting spending priorities.

Human Resources—Copiah-Lincoln Community College acknowledges that its most important resource is its people.  The college will employ qualified, competent, and caring individuals.  Faculty and staff members will receive support and encouragement for professional development and personal improvement.

Technology—Copiah-Lincoln Community College will strive to stay abreast of current technological advancements.  The college will use the latest technology to support and enhance all operations, programs, and services.

Continuous Improvement—Copiah-Lincoln Community College places great value on continuous improvement.  Through systematic evaluation of all personnel, programs, and services, an avenue will be provided for modifying existing plans.  Broad based input will be us3ed to identify and rectify areas needing change.

Community Partnerships—Through partnerships, Copiah-Lincoln Community College will provide an environment that nurtures community growth, intellectual growth, and economic development.  Resources and opportunities will be leveraged through these partnerships for the mutual benefit of all involved.

Buildings and Repairs—Copiah-Lincoln Community College will provide and maintain high quality buildings and facilities throughout the college district.

 Goals of the College:

  1. To provide a variety of educational programs that:

    a  offer the first two years of academic parallel courses and curricula of a baccalaureate degree program;

    b. prepare individuals for employment upon completion of a prescribed curriculum;

    c. offer a broad range of courses through the Mississippi Virtual Community College;

    d. offer qualified high school students college-level coursework through dual enrollment;

    e. provide a developmental program of instruction for students whose academic foundation requires strengthening and to provide enriched educational opportunities for academically talented students;

    f. include adult basic education, continuing education, and community service programs for individuals striving for professional growth and/or personal enrichment; and

         g.  upgrade and/or develop workforce skills through special industrial and adult training.

 2. To provide a broad range of support services required to implement the College’s educational programs wherever and however they are offered to include but not limited to library resources, both traditional and online; technology support services; and student support services.

 3. To promote professional growth and development of faculty and staff through participation in programs of enrichment, leadership training, and advanced study, as well as membership and participation in professional organizations.

 4. To provide a variety of services to college constituents through partnerships between the College and business, industry, and public agencies that support economic development.

 5. To maintain a strong commitment to the use of innovative and relevant technology in all college programs and services.

 6. To provide leadership in the coordination of all programs to improve relations with area high schools, other community/junior colleges, and four-year colleges and universities.

 7. To provide a broad range of extra-curricular activities for students including but not limited to athletics, the arts, band, intramural programs, and student organizations.

 8. To provide cultural and recreational opportunities for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and citizens of the College service area. 

 9. To provide adequate financial resources, administrative processes, and physical facilities to support the mission of the College.

 10. To provide a safe environment and quality accommodations to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, and the community.

 11. To engage in an on-going, systematic process of planning and evaluation that results in improvement of educational programs and support activities.


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